Frequently Asked Questions

Is Volosan still for Aviators?

Although our program was crafted for aviators and pilots, Volosan serves anyone who wants quality, accessible, comprehensive care for a reasonable fee. The program is set up well for business travelers and any adults who seek quality confidential care – anytime, everywhere.

Do you take Medical Insurance?

No. Although we recommend that all patients maintain health insurance, we do not accept insurance in our practice for these reasons:
  1. To maintain full confidentiality. Regardless of HIPAA and how well confidentiality is guarded in medicine, insurance companies, administrators, and hospital systems have access to all patient records. At Volosan Direct Primary Care, only you and Volosan have access to your records. No person or entity – whether private, public, or government – can gain access to your record without your consent.
  2. By not working with insurance, your membership with Volosan is not subjected to the insurance companies denying medical care based on their “policies.”

Do I need insurance?

Although we do not take medical insurance, we still HIGHLY recommend that all patients have insurance for emergency, hospital, and specialty care.

Can I use my Insurance for Medications, Labs, Referrals?

You can use your health insurance for specialty referrals. You may also use your insurance for medications and lab work – but our pricing is extremely reasonable and likely cheaper than the competition, or even your co-pay. Keep in mind that when you use Volosan, your confidentiality is 100 percent guaranteed – which is something we cannot control when you use your insurance.

What are the costs?

A one-time registration fee of $249, then $149 monthly thereafter. This includes basic annual labs and testing. Labs and imaging outside of your annual exam are offered at cost. All family members aged 2 years to under 17 years are FREE for episodic care.

Is there a Minimum Commitment time frame?

Yes, the minimum commitment time is three months. After that, you may cancel at any time with a 30-day notice.

Where is the medical clinic?

Volosan Direct Primary Care is located at:

1717 Swede Road, Suite 108
Blue Bell, Pennsylvania 19422

You may call us at 267-622-4416 or send us an email at

At Volosan will I be seen by a real doctor?

Yes, one of our advantages is that you always receive the comprehensive medical care you need directly from Dr. Fine, Family Medicine Doctor and Aerospace Medicine Specialist.