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Volosan Story

Throughout his training, Dr. Fine has been increasingly frustrated with The American Medical system with fractured medical care, inability to access your own physician, denial of coverage, and egregious price gouging, all while having “insurance”.

Dr Fine strongly believes you should have access to your physician when you need him: in the office, at home, and when traveling. This is why Volosan was created. Volosan comes from Volar, meaning ‘Travel’, and Sano, meaning ‘Health’. Your care and your doctor are with you wherever you are.

Our Mission

To keep our patients healthy by providing access to the best primary care, anytime and everywhere. We want our care to be accessible to those who need it most. Our goal is to treat patients with our comprehensive care model that is patient centered, direct to physician, same day care, with onsite diagnostics and expedited specialist access.

To provide exceptional medical care enabling professionals and their families to perform their craft (*still sounds aerospace related?) at their very best anytime, anywhere. Our Mission is to create an unparalleled medical clinic; a place where patients are safe to offer their medical and mental health concerns, so they can be the best version of themselves with a long, prosperous, and healthy career. When you are home, or on your way. Always Accessible.

About Dr. Fine

Eric Fine, M.D., M.S., grew up in central Michigan, settling in Pennsylvania upon completing his Residencies in both Family Medicine and Aerospace Medicine. During his training, he joined the United States Air Force as a flight surgeon and subject matter expert in Aerospace Medicine.

Dr. Fine has trained and practiced to the highest standards of comprehensive primary care medicine, aviation, and performance medicine. His broad experience, along with talented mentors, teachers, and colleagues, has fortified his delivery of the highest-quality, leading-edge, patient-centered medicine.

Dr. Fine is a commercial rated pilot, and has been flying for over 20 years.


  • Graduate of the St George’s University School of Medicine – Global Scholars Program
  • Family Medicine Residency – Geisinger Medical Center
  • Aerospace Medicine – Wright State University
  • Staff Physician at Jefferson Hospital in Lansdale, PA
  • Instrument Rated Commercial Pilot – 20 years flying.
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