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As an Aviator, you require care that is right for you and your career. Leading edge comprehensive care, accessible anytime and anywhere. Care that is ultra-confidential, by a physician who knows the aviation life, because we are aviators. We offer excellent care that includes: BasicMed evaluations, Counseling for your FAA Medical, and direct primary care specifically tailored for pilots.


The process starts with a complimentary phone consultation with Dr. Fine to ensure that our service is right for you. Intake forms will be completed and your initial physical exam will be scheduled with Dr. Fine in our Blue Bell office. You will then enjoy the Advantage and Convenience of Volosan Aviator Care.


Volosan is membership-based and does not revolve around insurance companies; in other words, no one gets between you and your physician. Following are the details of our comprehensive subscription-based program. There is a $249 sign-up fee and then you pay $149 per month after that with a minimum 3-month commitment. This gives you access to basic annual labs and testing. Children 2-17 years of age can receive episodic care free of charge included in your subscription. A preferential rate is available for spouses and adult family members of aviators.

Free Consultation

As an aviator, it is important to find the care that is tailored to you. To ensure that we meet your needs, you can schedule a complimentary phone consultation directly with Dr. Fine. If we can help with your aviator issue, a comprehensive consultation can be done in-person for a fee. This can take place in our office or virtually depending on your preferences and availability. During this time, you can ask any questions about your care and address any concerns you may have regarding aviator care.
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