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As part of our comprehensive care, we focus on treating the root cause of a patient’s ailments in addition to treating the symptoms. To accomplish this, we offer on-site lab access which allows you to get blood work, test for infectious diseases, and receive urine testing the same day. Dr. Fine also uses the latest in home telehealth technology (Nonagon N9+ home diagnostic device) when appropriate for diagnosis.

Same Day Access

At Volosan, we believe that our patients need rapid access to primary care. Our goal is always to provide the necessary care for patients the same day they call. This allows our patients to be diagnosed and begin their treatment right away to jumpstart their recovery.

Male Health

Men have unique medical needs, that many times are overlooked or ignored by the standard medical system, and at times not inquired by male patients. Though we offer treatments like Hormone Replacement-Therapy and Plate-Rich Plasma injections, we offer truly comprehensive medical care for men. These include comprehensive evaluations and treatments to enhance the performance and health of working professionals, Fatigue and sleep management, physical health improvement, and most importantly initial evaluation for ultra-confidential mental health care.

PRP Injections

Injectable platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is becoming a popular and effective treatment for a wide variety of conditions including sports injuries, post-operative recovery, hair loss, premature aging, and more. This method uses the patient’s own blood cells to speed up the recovery process. When properly administered, a PRP injection is a safe technique that seldom results in serious complications.

Meet Dr. Fine

Eric Fine is Michigan-born and raised and is a proud University of Michigan graduate. After attending St. George’s Medical School, he completed his Family Medicine Residency in Pennsylvania and continued his education by completing (*another word for completed?) the Aerospace Medicine Residency and Masters Program at Wright State University. Dr. Fine knows primary care, aviation, and performance medicine. His mentors, teachers, and colleagues have strengthened his patient-centered, cutting-edge medicine.

First Visit

You and your family will have personally tailored medical care. In your initial visit, we will establish a baseline of your health through vitals, examination, and testing. This visit will include bloodwork and laboratory sampling. Please set aside 1.5 hours for this physical exam plus medical history questionnaire.

The doctor will perform an ECG, a fatigue and sleep cycle screening, provide nutrition and exercise counseling and determine if additional in-depth testing is necessary. Your profession and career have a significant impact on your daily life, and we center your health and goals around your lifestyle.

Financial Advantage

We provide direct primary care that is highly comprehensive and always delivered by a doctor. Service is always professional and convenient. That has to be expensive, right? No! Actually, by cutting out all the middle men and providing direct care, we provide a financial advantage by dealing doctor to patient. We offer a $149 monthly membership that gives you access to office visits, ER screenings, heavily-discounted lab work, and discounted medications. Additionally, although we do not work with insurance companies, our patients find that our membership service is more affordable and convenient than using their insurance!
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